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Das Symbol des Friedens zeichnet diese wunderschöne Fingerknöchel Damenring aus. Das feine Fingerknöchel Damenring Schmuckstück verleiht Ruhe und Frieden. Der Fingerknöchel Damenring kann auch als kleiner Fingerring eingesetzt werden. Der Ring besteht aus echtem 75' er Gelbgold.

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750’er Gelbgold

Goldgewicht ca.

1,860 g


Innerer Durchmesser : 15 mm


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Care Instructions

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  • Avoid aggressive cleaning agents. Take, for example, while swimming off their jewelry, because water containing chlorine can attack the gold surface.
  • Keep your gold jewelry in a jewelry box or in a cotton cloth in order to protect it from dirt and scratches.
  • In order their gold jewelry does not lose its shine, use a little sawdust and rub it gently on the gold surface. Thus, the gloss is retained.
  • After applying the make-ups and / or perfume you put on your gold jewelry
  • Remove the sports your gold jewelry. To protect your gold jewelry from dirt and scratches.

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